4 steps in NVC – recorded webinars

4 steps in NVC - observations, feelings, needs and requests
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Dive into observations, feelings, needs and requests

If you are interested in Nonviolent Communication (NVC), you probably have heard about the four steps: 1) observations, 2) feelings, 3) needs and 4) requests.

Even though using them is not the main aim of Nonviolent Communication, especially when we want to build connection with others, it is good to know them. They help us stay on the track and not to fall into criticism, generalisations and judgements.

They support focusing on what is really important instead of on who is guilty or who is right and who is wrong.

It doesn’t matter if you are completely new to NVC or if you already have some knowledge and experience, we are inviting you to watch our 4 webinars.

During each webinar we talk about one step. There is a lot of theory, examples and answers to questions. Additionally you can have access to the presentations.

  • Video 1: How to divorce observations from interpretations
  • Video 2: Feelings as pointers to what’s important to us and others
  • Video 3: Cherishing the beauty of needs
  • Video 4: Powerful requests


  • Joachim Berggren
  • Cori Liebhart
  • Magdalena Malinowska
  • Paulina Orbitowska-Fernandez