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Cards of feelings and needs Empathic Way Europe Online Nonviolent Communication

the cards

About the cards

The cards that we are sharing here were created in frame of the project “Colours of feelings and needs” co-financed by Erasmus+ Program and hosted by ARTE EGO Foundation in Poland and GrenzKultur/Cabuwazi in Germany and they are licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0.

Magdalena Malinowska-Berggren from Empathic Way Europe was one of the initiators of this project.

You can download all the cards for free on this website: 

How to use the cards

There is one set of 96 needs and four sets of 40 feelings. Each set was created by another artist.

You can download the cards HERE and use them in the way that is the most convenient to you. You can print them and use in a paper form, you can also use the digital version.

If you want to use them online, feel free to share this page with people you are working with. We are presenting the cards in the user-friendly way.

Feelings cards are in the version with the names of feelings connected to them and in the “blank” version – without the names, where the person that works with the cards can name their feelings more freely.

If you use the cards in your workshops and would like to share your ideas for exercises, please, send it to us ( and we will publish them here. Our aim is to create a “library” of creative ideas :).

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