Giraffe Business School with Marie Miyashiro: The Integrated Clarity™ Process

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The Integrated Clarity™ Course is your 1st Step in Giraffe Business School.

Are you an NVC trainer who wants to thrive by making the world of organizations more wonderful? 

Would you like to work with clients who adore you and who you adore

What if you could experience more time and money freedom with your family, friends and community while working in integrity with the needs you value? 

Join Marie Miyashiro, trainer, author and international organizational consultant, for the first-ever, step-by-step training in how to: 1) grow your NVC business AND; 2) identify and work with the invisible “universal organizational needs” that represent the living energy of organizations.

This one-of-a-kind program is the foundation of the Giraffe Business School that Marie developed to help NVC trainers thrive in how they bring NVC to NGOs, schools/universities, government agencies and corporations.

You will dive deep into the Integrated Clarity™ process that Marie developed and introduced in her book The Empathy Factor. You will benefit from the 17 years of field-tested success with client feedback over 15 years. This is a needs-based approach combining Human Needs with Universal Organizational Needs (a new concept Marie developed and successfully applied with organizations in over 60 countries). In this way, your NVC business can grow in integrity with your needs, become more profitable and joyful for you and lead to sustainable cultural change for your clients.

Additionally, a live session with Marie supports your integration of the multiple hours of online, self-paced content developed by Marie specifically for this course. 


This course is for NVC trainers and facilitators who:

  • would like to bring NVC to organizations in a sustainable, impactful and effective way;
  • would like to shift from being an empathy trainer to being an empathy consultant;
  • are eager to learn more about the invisible “We” of organizations and better understand their needs;
  • are already sharing NVC in organizations or plan to start doing it. 


What are the learning outcomes?

1) You will start by using the Integrated Clarity™ process on your own NVC business (or practice) to have more clarity and ensure that your business aligns with your needs while being extremely profitable. Clarity helps you attract your ideal clients and accelerate your strategic success. 

2) Then you will learn how to bring this lens of Organizational Needs to your work with your clients. This is a game changer because it moves you from being an empathy trainer to an empathy consultant. Consultants bring added value to their clients who are willing to pay a premium for this. This process is an effective shortcut for bringing an organization development consultant mindset into your NVC training. It helps you to see and work with the invisible “We” of the team or organization.

3) SPECIAL BONUS AVAILABLE ONLY HERE:  The Giraffe Business School’s “8 Steps to High-Performing Agile Teams and Psychological Safety.” Marie will share and outline with you this proprietary process for working with clients from the first meeting to contract renewal. Refined over Marie’s decades of real-world work with a variety of clients from NGOs and universities to multinational corporations, this step-by-step flow leads to multiyear, repeat clients for real Cultural Change. This process is also working for Certified NVC trainers who are being coached and trained by Marie.


An interactive format

The integral part of this course is a live session with Marie and the community of your learning cohort on 4 September at 18:00-21:00 CEST. After going through the materials on your own you can ask questions and share your reflections and a few can receive mini-coaching from Marie. This is a rare opportunity to spend 3 hours together practicing dreaming our beautiful dreams together, and getting more clarity to energize that dream. This session will also be recorded. 

The main course contains Marie walking you through over 25 slides of content in an interactive format with self-reflection, journaling and concrete outcomes for your Beautiful Dream of bringing NVC to organizations. 


It includes:

– the questions to ask,

– Key Distinctions,

– tips for making this process work within your own business as well as with your clients.


This is the missing link between the consciousness of human connection and the organizational drive for progress and growth.


What will you receive?

  • Integrated Clarity™ process: You will have access to the video in which Marie Miyashiro is walking you step by step through a self-paced process called Integrated Clarity™. You will receive detailed instructions on how to make this process come alive for you and your clients.
  • An Overview Video: A welcoming video in which Marie gives you an overview of the whole course and explains all the steps needed to understand how to bring NVC successfully to organizations. 
  • Live Online Workshop + Q&A + Mini-Coaching with Marie: You will have an opportunity to take part in a 3-hour long session LIVE with Marie Miyashiro and other participants on 4 September at 18:00-21:00 CEST. The session will be recorded.
  • Workbook: You will receive a PDF with guiding questions to keep all your notes in one place and support you in staying motivated during the whole process.
  • Discussion forum: We will give you access to a closed discussion forum where you will be able to connect with other participants and with Marie – Marie will be answering questions once a week until the 4th of September 2024.



  • Start of the course: 3 July 2024 – on this day you will receive access to the whole content of this self-paced online course 
  • Live Workshop + Q&A + Mini-Coaching: 4 September 2024 at 18:00-21:00 CEST



  • Materials will be available on the Empathic Way Europe online platform for at least 1 year.
  • The workshop will take place online on Zoom (to participate you need a stable internet connection and your preferred device with a microphone and camera). This workshop will be recorded and made available for all participants.
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150-350 EUR

Course Includes

  • 5 Modules
  • 8 Topics