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  1. Lists of feelings and needs

    [PDF] Lists of feelings and needs
  2. E-books/PDFs
    [PDF] Discover your blind spots
  3. [Ebook] 3 steps to receive NO from your child with empathy
  4. Videos
    [Webinar] Unmasking Shame by Liv Larsson – Online Book Release
  5. [Webinar] Transitions in Life: Rediscovering Your Inner Spark – An Interview with Kathleen Macferran
  6. [Webinar] Transitions in Life: Rediscovering Your Inner Spark – An Introduction with Mary Mackenzie
  7. [Webinar] Let's Dance with Inner Critic – An Introduction to NVC Dance Floors with Shona Cameron
  8. [Webinar] The Power of Presence – Hugo Roele
  9. [Webinar] The Giraffe Business School. Interview with Marie Miyashiro
  10. [Webinar] Connecting when triggered – Cori Liebhart and Magdalena Malinowska-Berggren
  11. [Webinar] Connect through Resonant Language – Paulina Orbitowska-Fernandez and Maja Wyborska
  12. [Webinar] The Language of Resonance – Paulina Orbitowska-Fernandez
  13. [2 Webinars] Remember [your] Magic – Cori Liebhart
  14. [Webinar] Our Biased Mind – Joachim Berggren
  15. [Webinar] Enjoy your judgements – Empathic Way Europe team
  16. [Webinar] How our thoughts impact connection – Robert Maoz Kržišnik
  17. [Webinar] Empathy across Power Differences – Miki Kashtan
  18. [Webinar] Love as a feeling, a need or an action – Agnieszka Pietlicka
  19. [Webinar] Spectrum of Needs – Autistic and Empathic – Joanna Kawka
  20. [Webinar] Intro to An Inside Job for a Trainer – Robert Maoz Kržišnik
  21. [Webinar] Anger and enemy images – Kirsten Kristensen
  22. [Webinars] Self-empathy, empathy and honesty – a series of 3 webinars
  23. [Webinar] Me and my child – equal or not? – Interview with Kirsten Kristensen
  24. [Webinar] The Purpose of Anger – Interview with Kirsten Kristensen
  25. [Webinars] Time for Honesty
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[Webinar] Empathy across Power Differences – Miki Kashtan

Empathy across Power Differences

Miki Kashtan (USA)

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About the trainer

Miki Kashtan

Miki Kashtan 

CNVC Certified Trainer 

Miki is a practical visionary pursuing a world that works for all, based on principles and practices rooted in feminist nonviolence. Miki is a founding member of the Nonviolent Global Liberation community and has taught and consulted globally. She is the author of the recent The Highest Common Denominator and blogs at The Fearless Heart.