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Would you like to have more dialogueempathy and respect in your workplace?

Are you struggling with giving or/and receiving feedback?

Do you work as a leaderHR personScrum Master or Agile Coach and would like to learn how NVC can be used in your professional life?

Paulina Orbitowska-Fernandez, CNVC Certified Trainer, prepared a series of webinars during which she shares her knowledge and experience connected to implementing Nonviolent Communication in business and NGOs.

In total, there will be 11 webinars. The recordings of the previous webinars are already available on our platform.

Upcoming webinars will be added in the future.


Topics of all webinars in 2024 (past and future)

  • all webinars take place at 19:00-20:00 CEST/CET (Berlin time)

[Topics and dates may slightly change]

1. 10 March 2024 Empathic Way in Organizations during Time for Empathy 2024
2. 25 March 2024 Empathic Way in Organizations

Where to start from?

3. 15 April 2024 FeedBACK that feeds FORWARD
4. 20 May 2024 From an OBSTACLE to a LIGHTHOUSE

How to navigate conflicts in organizations?

5. 17 June 2024 Trust killers in organizations

The Why’s and how’s of building trust in empathic organizations

6. 9 July 2024 Brain matters

Interpersonal neurobiology in empathic organizations

7. 6 August 2024 RESILIENCE. Embrace & Empower 

Nurturing resilience in empathic organizations

8. 16 September 2024 Empathic (SELF) leadership 

Leading by understanding

9. 8 October 2024 Anything but changes! 

Embracing organizational transitions with empathy

10. 5 November 2024 Connecting through diversity

Caring about diversity and Inclusion in empathic organizations

11. 10 December 2024 Self-empathic healthiness

Why’s and how’s of caring about well-being in empathic organizations

Is it something for you?

Get access to all these webinars for 40 EUR, which is less than 3,70 EUR per webinar, and take the first step towards a more human approach to everyone in your workplace.



Paulina Orbitowska-FernandezPaulina Orbitowska-Fernandez

I dream about a world in which we can have more authenticity, empathy, honesty and dialogue in our private, professional and social lives. I fulfil this dream by working as a Certified Trainer of Nonviolent Communication and eduScrum, coach, mediator, Resonant Language Practitioner and MindSonar Analyst. 

I support leaders, teachers, physicians, teams, organizations and individual clients in building professional and personal relationships based on empathy, trust, dialogue and efficacy.

My scopes of work mainly are: empathic communication and conflict navigation, diversity and inclusion, intercultural communication, interpersonal neurobiology, agility in education, psychological safety and resilience. I co-create Empathic Way Europe team and non-profit campaigns #WidzęCzłowieka and Marathon of Empathy.

I work in Polish, English and Spanish. 

You will see sparks in my eyes whenever I read Latin American literature, listen to world music, and am in connection with Nature, especially while walking in the mountains. 


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