Individual CompassionSession with Cori Liebhart


Pay between 65 EUR and 120 EUR. If you prefer a fixed price, pay 85 EUR.




Time for Self​-Focus and Self-Empowerment. Inspire you…

You go round a circle?
You wish for more clarity & aliveness in you?
You want to lovingly communicate with you (and others)?
You want to make a change, get involved in a new project, an open heart in your relationships and encounters …?

Use the 1: 1 time to stay tuned, listen, explore your wisdom it’s your time to dream, to experience needs and to plan small steps.

You get support in staying connected to the topics of the connecting communication and to your vulnerability and to the possibilities, how you want to create your life consciously and make it more beautiful!

At each session, we explore a way for you to see what you can do to take your individual, unique next step 

I am deeply convinced that everything in you is there, that you are perfect as you are and that you have all the answers in you – sometimes it takes the space to invite the answers. And I hold this space with you and ask questions based on Connecting Communication.

What you can do right now is to ask yourself: “What do I want?”, “What do I wish for?” and “What’s holding me back?”. And if you want, contact me and we will discuss it in our first session.

I work in German and English.


You can pay between 65 EUR and 120 EUR. Please, choose the price that fits your openness and possibilities best. If you would like to have ease in choosing the price, 85 EUR is my suggestion.

big LOVE


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