The Needs’ Year

Do you want to discover the beauty of needs and build a better connection with yourself and others?

Join the Needs’ Year in any moment!

Every week you will have a chance to focus on one need. We will invite you to:

  • discover what this need means to you;
  • check how you take care of this need;
  • find easy strategies to fulfil this need in your everyday life;
  • implement some of these strategies during the week, and after;
  • find the beauty behind other people’s actions, even when they are not in line with your values. 


You can participate in the Needs Year to the extent that you wish. 

  • You can just follow our blog and read articles about the needs. 
  • You can choose a free subscription to receive weekly emails with reminders and the link to free Zoom Talks.
  • You can choose a premium subscription to additionally receive PDFs with questions and 1-year access to the online platform with all materials and recordings of the Zoom Talks.

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Watch an introduction to the Needs’ Year during which Joachim Berggren and Carolyn Davies talk about needs from the perspective of Nonviolent Commucation and their own experience:

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