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  1. Lists of feelings and needs
    [PDF] Lists of feelings and needs
  2. E-books/PDFs
    [PDF] Discover your blind spots
  3. [Ebook] 3 steps to receive NO from your child with empathy
  4. Videos
    [Webinar] The Power of Presence – Hugo Roele
  5. [Webinar] The Giraffe Business School. Interview with Marie Miyashiro
  6. [Webinar] Connecting when triggered – Cori Liebhart and Magdalena Malinowska-Berggren
  7. [Webinar] Connect through Resonant Language – Paulina Orbitowska-Fernandez and Maja Wyborska
  8. [Webinar] The Language of Resonance – Paulina Orbitowska-Fernandez
  9. [2 Webinars] Remember [your] Magic – Cori Liebhart
  10. [Webinar] Our Biased Mind – Joachim Berggren
  11. [Webinar] Enjoy your judgements – Empathic Way Europe team
  12. [Webinar] How our thoughts impact connection – Robert Maoz Kržišnik
  13. [Webinar] Empathy across Power Differences – Miki Kashtan
  14. [Webinar] Love as a feeling, a need or an action – Agnieszka Pietlicka
  15. [Webinar] Spectrum of Needs – Autistic and Empathic – Joanna Kawka
  16. [Webinar] Intro to An Inside Job for a Trainer – Robert Maoz Kržišnik
  17. [Webinar] Anger and enemy images – Kirsten Kristensen
  18. [Webinars] Self-empathy, empathy and honesty – a series of 3 webinars
  19. [Webinar] Me and my child – equal or not? – Interview with Kirsten Kristensen
  20. [Webinar] The Purpose of Anger – Interview with Kirsten Kristensen
  21. [Webinars] Time for Honesty
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[Webinar] Enjoy your judgements – Empathic Way Europe team

Enjoy your judgements

Paulina Orbitowska-Fernandez, Joachim Berggren and Cori Liebhart (Empathic Way Europe)

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