Individual NVC session with Joachim Berggren

Suggested price: 85.00

Pay between 65 EUR and 120 EUR. If you prefer a fixed price, pay 85 EUR.

Minimum price: 65.00

I offer individual sessions based on Nonviolent Communication and with inspiration from many other fields like Integral Theory, Social psychology and meditation. During an individual session you are in the center. Whatever problem, task or challenge you are facing, you get support in how to approach it. In your session we will focus on the most beneficial way for you:

  • defining the problem, task or challenge;
  • focusing on the parts within your control;
  • asking the relevant questions to reach your goals;
  • creating a foundation for continuing growth.

Regardless if you take part in a single or a series of sessions, you will access a platform from which you will have the ability to reach more of your inner potential.

Here are some of my special areas of interest:

  • Parenting Take leadership and build trustful connections in your family.
  • Relationships Build long-term loving and supporting relations.
  • Blind Spots Discover and embrace your hidden parts.
  • Radical Responsibility Own your stuff for creating sustainable relations.
  • Radical Acceptance Whatever comes up in yourself or in others is a pathway to explore life.

I work in Swedish and English. We can meet via ZOOM or face to face in Stockholm.


You can pay between 65 EUR and 120 EUR. Please, choose the price that fits your openness and possibilities best. If you would like to have ease in choosing the price, 85 EUR is my suggestion.

Joachim Berggren

CNVC Certified Trainer

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Additional information:

  • To meet online you need a computer/laptop/smartphone with stable internet, a camera and a microphone.
  • After booking a session, please, contact me ( to decide on a date and time of our meeting.
  • If you don’t show up at an agreed time, your payment will not be reimbursed. However, if you inform me at least 24 h before, we can re-schedule our meeting.



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