Resonant Healing individual session with Paulina Orbitowska-Fernandez

Pay between 65 EUR and 120 EUR. If you prefer a fixed price, pay 85 EUR.

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  • Are you longing for a deeper connection with yourself and others?
  • Is your inner critic draining you of your life energy?
  • Would you like to discover your unconscious vows and free yourself from patterns that are no longer supporting you?

I’m inviting you to this space of acceptance and openness to your truth! Book your session and we will check how I can support you in the best way.


What is Resonant Healing?

Resonant Healing is an approach of deep one-on-one or group work on self-awareness and self-warmth developed by Sarah Peyton which integrates the practice of Nonviolent Communication, mindfulness, working with the body, working with trauma and references to the neurobiological research of Daniel Siegel, Stephen Porges, Jaak Panksepp, Ruth Lenius and many more. 

It heals the traces that remain in us after difficult experiences and which prevent us from building deep, “nourishing” relationships with ourselves and others.


What does Resonant Healing support?

  • understanding your own emotions, such as anger, sadness, shame, guilt and regret;
  • moving from reactivity to conscious choice, even in the most difficult situations;
  • unblocking feelings such as joy, contentment and trust, and contacting yourself and others with lightness, fun and humour;
  • learning how to set boundaries in harmony with care for yourself and others;
  • discovering our personal voice with which we speak to ourselves every day and, if necessary, transforming it from a strict critic into a kind, warm and self-understanding presence;
  • developing a Resonant Language that allows for authentic and deep relationships with oneself and with others;
  • understanding how difficult experiences, in which we were not met with a harmonious, empathetic reception, leave a mark in us in the form of unconscious vows that we carry out in our lives at the expense of ourselves or our loved ones, and which block positive high vibrations in us. Discovering oaths can be a breakthrough on the way to emotional healing that makes it easier to get out of patterns that are no longer serving us;
  • building and rebuilding a safe bond with oneself and others, regardless of our age and their age;
  • discovering practical knowledge of the brain and nervous system, emotional circuits, polyvagal theory, attachment styles and many other discoveries about relationships, security and emotional well-being.


Who I am

My name is Paulina Orbitowska-Fernandez. I am a Certified Resonant Healing Practitioner, coach and certified NVC trainer. I have been learning from the creator of Resonant Healing, Sarah Peyton, since 2017, and in 2018 I became a Facilitator of Systemic Transformation through NVC, Neurobiology, and 3-D Mapping. In 2021, I completed her first certification program Resonant Healing Practitioner. 


How do I work

First of all, I want to create a relationship with the client based on a sense of security and trust. I accompany with kindness and gentleness, going wherever the client invites me, with respect and full acceptance for the client’s pace and openness.

The number and frequency of sessions depend on the client’s needs. Sometimes one session is sufficient support, and sometimes there are 6 sessions with an interval of one month or two weeks.

Working with me can be through one-on-one sessions or group workshops. Book your individual session above. If you would like a group session, please, contact me: 


Resonant Healing sessions are not psychotherapy and are not a substitute for it. If you are undergoing psychotherapy, consult your therapist and make the best decision for you.


About working with me:

The most valuable feature of Paulina Orbitowska-Fernandez is coherence. Extremely high professional skills with character traits: integrity, empathy, commitment. Paulina is simply what she says, what she teaches. She lives according to what she communicates to others. The sense of security, understanding and accompaniment that Paulina gives during individual work allowed me to open up and gain the courage to measure dealing with a long-term, even existential problem.

This session gave me more than the two multi-year therapies I have been in. And to this day, it has resulted in big, positive changes in my life. I said goodbye to the luggage that I carried like a rock for my entire adult life.

Paulina is a good, righteous person, a warm, empathetic woman, a professional with a huge workshop and professional and life experience. Could there be a better combination of the qualities of a guide in the journey to the world of empathy and deep into oneself?

I am grateful that I met Paulina on my way. Workshops with her are an experience that I recommend to every truly seeking person. And which I will also use in the future for sure more than once.

Beata Grzegrzółka-Jóźwiak



You can pay between 65 EUR and 120 EUR. Please, choose the price that fits your openness and possibilities best. If you would like to have ease in choosing the price, 85 EUR is my suggestion.



Additional information:

  • To meet online you need a computer/laptop/smartphone with stable internet access, a camera and a microphone.
  • After booking a session, please, contact me ( to decide on a date and time of our meeting.
  • If you don’t show up at an agreed time, your payment will not be reimbursed. However, if you inform me at least 24 h before, we can re-schedule our meeting.


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