The power of not knowing all

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The power of not knowing all

The NVC and Mind series. Part 1

When I learned NVC I was very enthusiastic. Finally I had found a way to communicate which was based on contact and where everyone’s needs were important. For me, it was quite easy to practice NVC with other enthusiastic participants. And then, when I tried to communicate with non-practitioners, it became more difficult. I did not find the proper words and the people I spoke to did not react as I expected.

Form versus intention

Now in retrospect, I understand that one of the problems for me was that I was more focused on the NVC form than on my intention. I tried to express myself correctly, using the four components, but was not always in touch with what was behind it. Many people around me, consciously or unconsciously, questioned my intention, and I reacted with old habits.

Do you recognize yourself? Does it sometimes happen that you want connection and when you try to reach out, people around you react by defending themselves or going into counterattack? And then you respond using “old” strategies

Our brain…

You may think that NVC does not work, or that there is something wrong with how you express yourself or that there is something wrong with others. My belief is that our brains obstruct our intentions. Our conscious “I” wants contact, but our unconscious “I” wants to be right. If we are not aware how our brain works, it hi-jacks our agenda and it becomes more difficult for us to create the connection with others we are longing for.


About the workshop series

Do you want to stop “doing NVC” and start “living NVC”? Take part in a new workshop series consisting of four parts:

In this workshop series, we take help from the tools provided by NVC and focus on our intention. With knowledge of how our mind and our senses function, we can make more conscious decisions about how we want to relate to other people. Together with other participants, you will build new skills that you can use in your everyday life.

All workshops are independent and you can choose whether you want to participate in one or all of them.


Part 1. The power of not knowing all

21 October 2021, 18:00-20:00 (CEST)

Our brain is a fantastic organ with unlimited abilities. Thanks to evolution we now have access to the most complex structure in our known universe. The brain is adapted to make us survive and spread our species. In line with this it wants us, as individuals and group beings, to be right in relation to other individuals and groups we don’t identify ourselves with. It is not as skilled in creating sustainable long-term cooperation, mutual happiness and meaning. 

In this workshop we will look at the evolution of our brain and how we can use this knowledge in creating connection with others. After theory and Q & A’s, we will divide into practice groups.

This workshop mainly covers the NVC topics of observations, feelings and needs through the lens of evolution.


For whom

The workshops are for people who:

– have basic knowledge of NVC;

– want to develop their skills in NVC;

– have previously participated in empathic listening, role-playing and other NVC exercises.



To support learning you will have the opportunity to practice new skills by:

  • practicing with others in a safe setting;
  • challenging and expanding your comfort zone;
  • expressing yourself;
  • listening to others;
  • supporting and witnessing;
  • repeating and building new habits.

We learn best by exposing ourselves to new stimuli in a safe context. When we act on the edge of our ability, we challenge and expand our safety zone. Through repetition of new ways of relating, we build new habits that we can bring from a learning situation into our everyday life.



Part 1. The power of not knowing all

21 October 2021 (Thursday) at 18:00-20:00 (CEST/Stockholm time)



Online on Zoom (we will send you the link to the meeting after registration, check your email!).

To participate you need a stable internet connection, your preferred device with microphone and camera, pen and notebook.

This workshop series will not be recorded.



One workshop: 25 Euro (sliding scale 20-60 Euro) 

All 4 workshops: 75 Euro (sliding scale 60-240 Euro)

By using a sliding scale we want to acknowledge that we have very different living conditions from country to country and from person to person. Choose the amount that is comfortable for you. If you give more than the suggested price, together we can support another person to participate for less.

If you have difficulty paying the minimum amount, please contact us for a possible solution.



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About the trainer:

Joachim BerggrenJoachim Berggren

CNVC Certified Trainer and communication consultant

I work with groups and individuals who want to be able to communicate better and build sustainable connections in their family, with their friends, at their workplace and in the bigger community. I am offering lectures, workshops, mediation and individual training online and in person. I came into contact with NVC in 2005 and in 2009/2010 I participated in my first annual program with Friare Liv (Liv Larsson and Kay Rung). Since then I have participated in a wide range of NVC workshops both in Sweden and abroad. I started sharing and teaching NVC in 2010. In 2017, I became a certified NVC trainer by CNVC. My main focus within NVC has been to teach the NVC fundamentals, community building and to organize major events, such as the European and the Swedish NVC festivals. What captivates my interest lately is how we humans develop as individuals and when we are part of groups. And how this evolutionary drive affects our ability to learn and integrate NVC into our life.

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